Elis for Rachael is compiling short videos and written testimonials about mental health and illness at Yale. If you are having a rough time, this is for you. We hope that among our experiences you will find something that you relate to, maybe even a source of hope. Some of us are a long way out from Yale, and some of us aren't. All of us have struggled, and all of us are behind you. 


If you are an alum interested in submitting a testimonial, please contact Alicia Floyd.


If you are a current student who would like to connect with us to discuss your experiences and/or benefit from our informal network, please contact Rishi Mirchandani.

Videos can also be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Alicia Floyd

"You are not alone."

*CW: Suicidality

Zachary Black

"I realized I don't have to be successful to be happy, I can just be happy."

Seo-Young Chu 

“I used to think, if I’m healthy maybe I’m not working hard enough…  And if other people can tell that I’m struggling to balance everything, then maybe I don’t deserve to be here.” 

*CW: Suicidality

Nicolette Mantica
 (Originally Silliman 2019) 
"In transferring to Northwestern I found a university that would support me as student. They had a great disability office that was especially encouraged for students to use who had mental health issues."
Jack Ross
"In the end I don’t think Hale was able to perceive the vast worth of his life that far transcended Yale. I urge you to maintain a healthy perspective on who you are as a person, your intrinsic worth, apart from the accomplishments and the goals that consume you."