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In honor of Branford freshman Rachael Shaw-Rosenbaum, who was always looking out for the next kid, Elis for Rachael was founded in 2021 to help Yale students who are struggling with their mental health.​

We are Yale alumni, family, and friends supporting current students in their calls for mental health reform. As many of our members can personally attest, Yale has long had mental health policies that are inadequate at best and punitive at worst. We want to see Yale live up to its name, and we are calling for the current administration to change the story for the next generation of students.

If you are a student who wants informal advice from alumni with shared experience, or just to be heard, we are here for you: 

"If it had been me, Rachael never would have quit fighting." 

  Zack Dugue  
  Rachael's Partner  

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