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About the fund

If a student takes a medical leave from Yale because they are, for example, severely depressed and suicidal, they are typically required to pack up their belongings within three days or less and find a place to live off-campus. Not every student can return home, and they may lose both their housing much of support system they had when they leave campus. Some find themselves couch surfing, struggling to find a place to sleep. Others have the basics covered, but are unable to afford the psychiatric treatment they need to recover.

In honor of Rachael, we provide monetary assistance to Yale students facing financial hardship related to their mental health.

  • If you are a student in need of assistance, please email to learn how to apply.

  • If you are a concerned ally with the means to help, please consider donating to our fund. Your donation is tax-deductible, and all proceeds will go directly to Yale students in need. As of August 2023 we have distributed over $20,000 to students.

Giving from a donor-advised fund? Please email for EIN.

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Elis for Rachael helped me fund my transportation and attendance at an intensive outpatient program. As a low-income Yalie my mental health spiraled and I was pushed to take a mental health medical leave of absence but not given advice on what to do with that time and how to truly heal and recover. Elis for Rachael unequivocally played the biggest role in saving and changing my life. I didn’t know intensive outpatient programs existed and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford it. By the end of my time at the program my therapist said she trusted that I would be able to take on what life has for me. I’m grateful that I was able to rediscover the strength I had in me at a time when I was feeling incredibly weak through the work of Elis4Rachael!

,Class of 2025 

Who receives assistance?

Yale admits a diverse group of students. Not all come from two-parent households, not all come from high-income households, and not all come from households where psychiatric treatment is accepted. Whatever the situation, Elis for Rachael is here to help. Students seeking assistance can email to learn how to apply.

Students aided thanks to donors in the 2022-2023 academic year:


  • Adrian*, Yale College student, recently returned from medical/mental health leave, received funding for utility bills.

  • Yuki*, Yale College student, on mental health /medical leave of absence, received funding for therapy costs.

  • Anita*, Yale College student on academic withdrawal due to mental health struggles, first-generation American and first-generation college student, received funding to assist with rent.

  • Anna*, Yale College student on medical leave for mental health issues, funding towards one month Intensive Outpatient Program and one month BetterHelp subscription

  • Marvin*, Yale College student on medical leave of absence, received funding for rent and utility bills while his family was not in a position to support him.

  • Prem*, a low-income first-generation Yale College student on medical leave, received funding for rent and utility bills.

  • Sasha*, a low-income first-generation Yale College student who struggled with mental health issues towards the end of senior year and did not graduate, received tuition assistance to complete the last of her course credits and get her degree.

Students aided thanks to donors in the 2021-2022 academic year: 


  • Nolan*, rising Yale College senior, first generation college student and estranged from biological family, received assistance to cover groceries and rent during a leave of absence. 

  • Sophia*, rising Yale College junior, currently on mental health related withdrawal. Received assistance towards tuition for coursework required to apply for reinstatement. 

  • Myles*, rising Yale College senior, returning from mental health related leave of absence, received assistance for off-campus rent. 

  • Ava*, rising Yale College sophomore, first generation college student, received assistance  towards tuition for coursework required to apply for reinstatement. 

  • Jessie*, rising Yale College junior, received assistance for tuition for coursework required to apply for reinstatement. Interested in medicine and global affairs. 

  • Grace*, Yale College student, not feasible to return home on withdrawal, received assistance for groceries and basic living costs. 

  • Alana*, Yale College student, received assistance for transportation costs to/from medical appointments. 

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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