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Elis for Rachael Press & Info

News about Mental Health at Yale

Research Reports & Info Sheets, including past student reports

Personal Stories about Mental Health at Yale

Elis for Rachael Press & Info

YSMHA hosts annual Mind Over Matter Fair

Yale Daily News – April 6, 2023

Mental health groups discuss advocacy efforts and hear student concerns at forum

Yale Daily News – April 6, 2023

Yale changes mental health policies for students in crisis

The Washington Post – January 19, 2023

Yale negotiates settlement in mental health lawsuit

Yale Daily News – December 9, 2022


With Elis for Rachael, Yale alumni use their power to influence mental health policy

Mary Christie Institute – December 7, 2022

Abandoned? Meet a Student Suing Yale for Pressuring Those with Mental Health Needs to Withdraw 

Democracy Now – December 5, 2022 [video] [Featuring Alicia Abramson, student plaintiff,   Monica Porter from Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, Elis for Rachael testimonials]

Yale accused of discriminating against students with mental illness in lawsuit

The Washington Post – November 30, 2022

Yale University sued over student mental health policies

The Associated Press – November 30, 2022

Students sue Yale University alleging discrimination against students with mental health disabilities

CNN Live – November 30, 2022  [video] [Featuring Rishi Mirchandani from Elis for Rachael and Monica Porter from Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law]


Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law  – November 30, 2022

Yale defends mental health policies under fire from students, alumni

The Washington Post – November 17, 2022

Yale students, alumni advocate for policy reform around withdrawal and reinstatement

New Haven Register – November 15, 2022

"What if Yale finds out?"

The Washington Post – November 11, 2022

Elis for Rachael announces non-profit status at mental health panel

Yale Daily News – November 4, 2022

UP CLOSE | “Cold, institutional, transactional”: A look back on four decades of mental healthcare at Yale

Yale Daily News – April 21, 2022

"Yale quietly relaxes reinstatement requirements"

Yale Daily News – April 5, 2022

"Elis for Rachael holds candlelight vigil for suicide prevention"

Yale Daily News – April 4, 2022

“'No Plans of Giving Up': Elis for Rachael pushes for mental health care reform at Yale"

Yale Daily News – December 9, 2021

"Another Surge in the Virus Has Colleges Fearing a Mental Health Crisis"

The New York Times – December 24, 2021

Letter to the Editor

Yale Alumni Magazine – July/August 2021

Letter to the Editor

The Boston Globe – June 13, 2021

News about Mental Health at Yale

Remembering Garrett Woodard ’23

Yale Daily News – Feb 21, 2023

NDUBISI & SUH-TOMA: Where do we go from here?

Yale Daily News – Feb 14, 2023

I Edited Mental Illness Out of My College Applications. I’m Not Alone

New York Times – Dec 31, 2022

Students and alumni sue Yale alleging discrimination against students with mental illnesses

Yale Daily News – Nov 30, 2022

Opinion:  Yale should work harder on mental health

The Washington Post – November 25, 2022

"Students and administrators reflect on success of YC3 program"

Yale Daily News – October 23, 2022

"Students express disappointment, anger over Yale’s mental health services"

Yale Daily News – March 25, 2021

"‘She was unapologetically herself’: Communities mourn Rachael Shaw-Rosenbaum ’24"

Yale Daily News – March 24, 2021

"Yale fails to meet grade in mental health leave policies"

The New Haven Register – December 25, 2018

"Ivy League school's 'withdrawal policy' for extremely depressed students is under fire"

Business Insider – April 6, 2015

"When Mentally Ill Students Feel Alone"

The Atlantic – March 2, 2015

"Tensions flare at mental health forum"

Yale Daily News – February 26, 2015

"Student death raises questions on withdrawal policies"

Yale Daily News – January 29, 2015

Personal Stories about Mental Health at Yale


"I had to choose between my education and my safety": How Yale's withdrawal and readmission policies leave students no choice but to stay.

Yale Daily News –  January 31, 2022

Stephanie Addenbrooke: "Ask, and it shall be given?"

Yale Daily News – March 29, 2021

Esmé Weijun Wang: "Yale Will Not Save You"

The Sewanee Review – Winter 2019

Jack Ross: "The Dark Lining of the Prefontaine Mantra: Lessons from Hale Ross’ life at Yale"

Yale Daily News – May 5, 2018

Rachel Williams: "We Just Can't Have You Here"

Yale Daily News – January 24, 2014

Stewart McDonald: My Bipolar Disorder and Yale

Yale Daily News – 2014

BOTNICK: Don’t neglect us

Yale Daily News  Oct 21, 2013

Research Reports & Info Sheets

Yale College: Mental Illness and The Road to Reinstatement

Elis for Rachael – November 2021

Demands & Report

Mental Health Justice at Yale – Spring 2021

Broken Promises

Students Unite Now – August 2020

Report on Mental Health (follow-up)

Yale College Council – Spring 2019

The Ruderman White Paper on Mental Health in the Ivy League

Ruderman Family Foundation – December 2018

Falling Through the Cracks: A report on Mental Health at Yale Law School

Yale Law School Mental Health Alliance – December 2014

Report on Mental Health

Yale College Council – September 2013

Pesonal Stories
Research reports

“People are on quarantine schedule, so there wasn’t anyone to talk to. So I moved myself in for a couple of hours, and cried.” ... “We were all struggling emotionally. Some of them because they were missing their family, some because of the isolation. I think there were many tears shed.”


Every first year interviewed, nine in total, was asked the same question: “Do you currently feel safe?” “I don’t know if I’d say that I’d feel mental health-wise safe, because I’m not having a great time right now,” said Shaw-Rosenbaum.

 Rachael, on the isolation of entering  college in a pandemic 

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