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Elis for Rachael is compiling short videos, written testimonials , and quotes about mental health and illness at Yale. If you are having a rough time, this collection is for you.


We hope that among our thoughts you will find something that resonates and gives you hope. Some of us are a long way out from Yale, and some of us aren't. All of us have struggled, and all of us are behind you.


For current students who would like to connect with us to discuss your experiences and benefit from our informal network, please contact us at


If you'd like to submit a testimonial or quote, or have any questions, email

Videos can also be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Alicia Floyd

"You are not alone."

*CW: Suicidality

Zachary Black

"I realized I don't have to be successful to be happy, I can just be happy."

Seo-Young Chu 

“I used to think, if I’m healthy maybe I’m not working hard enough…  And if other people can tell that I’m struggling to balance everything, then maybe I don’t deserve to be here.” 

*CW: Suicidality

Nicolette Mantica
 (Originally Silliman 2019) 
"In transferring to Northwestern I found a university that would support me as student. They had a great disability office that was especially encouraged for students to use who had mental health issues."
Jack Ross
"In the end I don’t think Hale was able to perceive the vast worth of his life that far transcended Yale. I urge you to maintain a healthy perspective on who you are as a person, your intrinsic worth, apart from the accomplishments and the goals that consume you."
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