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Donate so that no Yale student has to choose between their financial stability and their mental health.              

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Students describe being "ghosted" by their therapist.

52% of 200 surveyed students in 2021 answered yes, that they had been "ghosted" by a therapist at Yale Mental Health & Counseling. 38% said they had been discouraged from pursuing regular meetings with a therapist. 

Wait times for enrolled students to see a therapist run weeks to months.

Wait times between intake and initial appointment at Yale Mental Health and Counseling are often weeks, sometimes months.


A timeline of ... 

Eliminate roadblocks for reinstatement to Yale College following a medical withdrawal.


​End the opaqueness of decision-making on students’ applications for reinstatement.


​Stop terminating health insurance for a student leaving Yale to address a health condition. 

Reduce the minimum duration for medical withdrawals.

Allow students reasonable access to campus while on medical withdrawal.​

Designate a staff member as a dedicated advocate for students considering, on, or returning from a medical withdrawal.​

Reform the process for involuntary medical withdrawals. ​

Restructure the refund schedule for tuition, room, and board fees.​

Offer an affordable PPO option of university health insurance to meet the volume and diversity of students’ mental and physical healthcare needs.​

Implement mandatory annual mental health first-aid training for students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

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